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c6 accepts early stage web-based companies into our six-month accelerator program. Through intense, special structured workshops, speaker series, mentorship sessions and active coaching, tech entrepreneurs will crystallize their ideas and business plans, build out their business model and prototypes as well as present their refined pitches to VCs and angel investors.

We facilitate fundraising through introductions to investors and by leading the rounds for select startups through our own fund.

At our “SAM Fest”, each Startup Entrepreneur will get the opportunity to pitch to top Angels and Seed Investors from around the country.
By the end of the program, every Startup Team will have developed a refined product pitch, built investor relationships, and closed their angel investments.

Why c6 Accelerator

c6 Accelerator measures our success by the number of companies that we successfully get prepared for A Series funding. Our goal with fundability during the c6 Accelerator program is help you gain access to seed funding and preparing you for A Series round pitches.


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